Top 10 Best Places in Japan

Best Tourist Places in Japan – Japan is one of the countries that has the most popular tourist destination for its beauty in the world. The tours in Japan are unique Keluaran togel mixed tours from both traditional and modern times. The tours are either temples or modern buildings, which have been well designed and technologically. If you’re curious, let’s look at the following articles that will cover 10 of the best tourist attractions in Japan:

 1 Mount Fuji

Best Places in Japan – Mount Fuji
This mountain is the highest mountain in the State of japan. This mountain has a height of 3,776 m or 12,388 feet. Its conical and symmetrical shape, this volcano has a famous symbol in the State of japan and immortalized in a photograph or picture painting. Nearly 200 thousand people each year will climb the mountain.

 2 Golden Pavilion

Best Places of Interest in Japan – Golden Pavilion
Temple pavilion is known as the golden temple or Kinkaku-ji, this temple is the most popular tour in Kyoto, Japan. Initially this building was built only as a villa, the 1950 pavilion was burned by young monks who are obsessed to have it. 5 years later this villa or pavilion was built again by modeling on the original. This pavilion is included in the top 10 tourist attractions in Japan because the building is covered by leaves made of gold so it can reflect the beautiful light.

 3 Tokyo Tower

Best Tour Places in Japan – Tokyo Tower
This tower is a testament to the technological advancement of modern life in Japan. The tower was made by taking the benchmark of the effiel tower in Paris. Visitors who come can climb to see the beautiful scenery in Tokyo and surrounding areas. This is one of the most popular tours in Japan.

4 Himeji Castle

Best Tourist Places in Japan – Himeji Castle
This castle is considered the best building will be the palace architecture that is in japan. The design of a white fortress and exterior that resembles a flying bird makes the Himeji castle building worth entering into 10 of the best tourist attractions in Japan.

 5 Great Buddha Of Kamakura

Best Places in Japan – Great Buddha Of Kamakura
This buddha statue is a collegial presentation of Amira Buddha, one of the most famous Buddhist figures in Japan. The height of this statue reaches 13 m or 40 feet, and weighs 93 tons. This statue is indeed very large and is indeed a famous place among the nation of the buddhas.

 6 Kiyomizu Dera

Best Places in Japan – Kiyomizu Dera

This temple is located in East Kyoto which was established since 798. This temple is made as a place of request, and inside there is a waterfall which is teraliri from the river outside, making this Kiyomizu temple becomes beautiful and harmonious will kealamannya. This temple in making membangunannya also do not use nails at all.

 7 Hiroshima Peace Memorial

Best Tourist Places in Japan – Hiroshima Peace Memorial
This building is a relic during the bombings of 1945. It is immortalized and used as a building to commemorate the event and also serve as a tourist attraction. The incident that occurred around the year 1945 dated August 6, ie there is an atomic bomb that fell on Hiroshima.

 8 Todaiji Temple

Best Places in Japan – Todaiji Temple
This temple is located in Nara, which made a fantastic building of engineering in terms of building. This temple is included in the top 10 tourist attractions in Japan because this building is made using the largest wood in the world. The temple is also the largest Buddhist house, made of bronze.

 9 Tokyo Imperial Palace

Best Tourist Places in Japan – Tokyo Imperial Palace
This is a building made for the imperial palace of Tokyo. This place serves for the administrative office and is also made as a museum to store various art goods that exist in japan and also historic. The palace was made from the ruins of the palace in the past which was then redesigned by incorporating modern elements in it.

 10 Jigokudani Monkey park

Best Tourist Places in Japan – Jigokudani Monkey park
This place is one place that has hot springs, and is a famous place in Japan. It’s located in Nagona. Jigokudani itself has the meaning of the valley of hell, because this place has steam boiling water and remove a lot of bubbles in the frozen soil. In this place is also surrounded by steep cliffs and has a cold forest.